bymegamind8 months ago

I was not a big fan of bootstrap until 4 came out. Bootstrap 4 is fantastic I never looked for alternatives since then

bymegamind8 months ago

Good option for quick starts, Very popular in open source community. If you want to start something in the morning and want to close by night, nothing beats vue. Need to wait and see how enterprises accept vue.

bymegamind8 months ago

The best of UI stack. It's hard to imagine building enterprise scale complex applications like Facebook, JIRA, Kibana, Outlook, Reddit without React.

bymegamind8 months ago

The first thing i look for, after creating any repo.

bymegamind8 months ago

I do a lot of React. I am so glad that we have React Native. I still remember the painful days of coding with clumsy Java code on Android Studio.

bymegamind8 months ago

Never personally wrote any apps, but looks very promising. I have attended couple of talks on electron and going to play with it soon.

bymegamind8 months ago

Some of apps just stuck with it. Never came back to angular after writing my first app on react.

bymegamind8 months ago

I have zero complaints on this, I love using VSC, and its my daily driver for almost all of my projects.

bymegamind8 months ago

Thanks to Facebook for giving this. This has killed the initial resistance of adopting React for many devs

bymegamind8 months ago

bymegamind8 months ago

I like the GitHub integration part. Now i am using Visual Studio Code from Microsoft.

bymegamind8 months ago

Struggled a bit while starting but it didn't take much time to get used to it. I use Redux in almost all my React projects.

bymegamind8 months ago

I have no option to skip you while i am doing the angular. A great thing for the devs who come from Java/.Net background.

bymegamind8 months ago

I always dream Native JavaScript should come with what moment adds.

bymegamind8 months ago

Attempted once, At least i felt very hard to understand for the first time.

bymegamind8 months ago

Simple and super easy.

bymegamind8 months ago

Is this the Future ????

bymegamind8 months ago

Some times it feels like magic when running the Elasticsearch aggregations. Can't imagine few usecases with out Elasticsearch. But currently the software as a service offerings are very expensive.

bymegamind3 months ago

Long waited recurrenceRule feature is in, this makes the library complete. This would be out of scope for library but having an API to generate repeat rules will be great add on to this. Currently we need to build using 3rd party generators

bymegamind3 months ago

A Great tool, makes life easy. I use a lot for managing content on S3

bymegamind3 months ago

One of the default package i add to all my react projects, Very lightweight just around 12KB

bymegamind3 months ago

One of the easiest NodeJS server side templating library. It got all bells and whistles with the syntax we already know.

bymegamind10 days ago

One of the best and top React Components library, Almost all my react projects uses material-ui. With everyday gaining popularity today its the top React Components library. Tons of support and Components to starts with.

bymegamind7 days ago

Helped me learning React. a great place to start for learning new Javascript technologies.

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