Python program to calculate trapezoid circumference

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Following program shows you how to calculate trapezoid circumference.
This program gets trapezoid bases and sides from user and calculates circumference and prints it using following formula
Circumference = base1 + base2 + side1 +side2

trapezoidBase1 = float(input("Please enter base1 of trapezoid:"))
trapezoidBase2 = float(input("Please enter base2 of trapezoid:"))
trapezoidSide1 = float(input("Please enter side1 of trapezoid:"))
trapezoidSide2 = float(input("Please enter side2 of trapezoid:"))
circumferenceOfTrapezoid = trapezoidBase1 + trapezoidBase2 + trapezoidSide1 + trapezoidSide2
print("Circumference of trapezoid is: " , circumferenceOfTrapezoid)


Please enter base1 of trapezoid: 22
Please enter base2 of trapezoid: 14
Please enter side1 of trapezoid: 18
Please enter side2 of trapezoid: 24
Circumference of trapezoid is:  78.0
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