Groovy Development Environment Setup with Eclipse IDE

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Step 1: Get your Eclipse version

Goto Eclipse > About Eclipse and see what version of Eclipse you are using

Get Eclipse Version
You can see in my case its 4.7.0

Step 2: Get the appropriate Groovy-Eclipse plugin

Goto Groovy Eclipse plugin's WIKI which is here and find the appropriate plugin for your eclipse version. You should look for<Your Version> In my case it is
Note: If you do not see Groovy Eclipse plugin version in Releases category then look in Snapshot Builds

Step 3: Install the Groovy-Eclipse plugin

Goto Help and click on Install New Software

Eclipse Install New Software
And Paste the Groovy Eclipse plugin URL in 'Work With' Text box and hit Enter

Now Choose the above shown Items and proceed with installation

Step 4: Restart Eclipse and you are good to go

Now you have everything setup for Groovy Development Goto New and choose Groovy Project and start developing your first groovy project

Create Groovy Project In Eclipse

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